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Foundations 16
Last step:
Into the limelight –
around the globe
September 4/5,
Moscow, Russia
The first regional Holcim
Awards ceremony for 2014
will take place in Moscow,
Europe’s largest city. The
prizes will be handed over
in the Theater School of
Dramatic Art which func-
tions as a school, laboratory
and event center. It com-
bines grand Russian theater
tradition with innovative
concepts – and thus forms
an ideal venue for the
presentation of the Holcim
Awards, because a recur-
ring theme in sustainable
construction is to rethink
standard solutions.
North America
September 18/19,
Toronto, Canada
In the North America region,
the Holcim Awards goes full
circle – because the ceremo-
ny venue itself, “Evergreen
Brick Works” won a Holcim
Awards Acknowledgement
prize in 2008. Today the for-
mer quarry and brick factory
serves multiple functions, as
a public event hall, organic
products market, education-
al and community center –
and of course as the setting
for the forthcoming Awards
Latin America
October 2/3,
Medellín, Colombia
Medellín has played an im-
portant role in the history of
the Holcim Awards: The local
project “Urban integration
of an informal area” won the
Holcim Awards Gold 2008
Latin America. This year,
prizes will be handed over
in Parque Explora, which
stands as an architectural
symbol of the successful
transformation of the city.
In this scientific park the
natural and built environ-
ments merge into an espe-
cially attractive interplay.
The winning projects in each
region will be announced
and celebrated at five Holcim
Awards ceremonies taking
place from September to
November 2014. These events
are jointly organized with a
Holcim Group company and
include a ceremonial prize
hand-over with dinner and
second-day tours dedicated
to sustainable construction
projects in and around the
host city.
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