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Foundations 16
A different jury decides on the prize
winners in each of the five competition
regions. Each jury comprises up to elev-
en experts.
From left: Arno Brandlhuber, Holger
Wallbaum, Marc Angélil, Hiromi
Hosoya, Stuart Smith, Antón García-
Abril, Horia Adrian, Jean-Philippe
Vassal (Head of jury), and Hrvoje Njiric.
North America
From left: Dana Cuff, Jeffrey Laberge,
Marc Angélil, Toshiko Mori, (Head of
jury), Sarah Whiting, Guillaume Habert,
Mark Jarzombek, Lola Sheppard, and
Alain Bourguignon,
Latin America
From left: Vanderley John, Angelo Bucci,
Alfredo Brillembourg, Harry Gugger,
Tatiana Bilbao, Marc Angélil, Fernando
Diez, and Bruno Stagno, (Head of jury).
Not pictured: Andreas Leu.
Africa Middle East
From left: Marc Angélil, Javier de Benito,
Daniel Irurah, Hansjürg Leibundgut, Ho-
wayda Al-Harithy (Head of jury), Francis
Kéré, and Amer Moustafa. Not pictured:
Aziza Chaouni, and Fasil Giorghis.
Asia Pacific
From left: Yue Zhang, Marc Angélil, Ian
Riley, Geeta Mehta, Donald Bates, Rahul
Mehrotra (Head of jury), Brinda Somaya,
Stephen Siu-Yu Lau, Forrest Meggers,
Davy Sukamta, and Momoyo Kaijima.
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