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Foundations 16
In each region, for two days a jury of specialists studies
hundreds of entries to select the prize winners. The inde-
pendent experts from architecture, engineering, and urban
design, work in a highly professional manner to ensure
the most regarded projects and visions are discovered.
Decisive step:
No pearl left undiscovered
The jurors – here Hiromi Hosoya
(left) and Hrvoje Njiric – receive
thick binders containing documen-
tation on all the projects.
To describe the current cycle
of the Holcim Awards in just
two numbers, one would
say 6,000 and 60. The first
figure stands for the number
of projects around the world
entered in the competi-
tion. And the second figure
stands for the number of
projects that will ultimately
win a prize in one of the
five regions of the compe-
tition. Out of these 6,103
entries 2,514 were formally
correct and were presented
to the five regional juries at
meetings led by the partner
universities of the Holcim
Diverse projects – diversified
The composition of the
juries is the responsibility
of the Academic Committee
(AC). This six-person team
of the Swiss Federal Insti-
tute of Technology (ETH
Zurich/EPFL Lausanne) sup-
ports the Holcim Foundation
in academic and technical
matters. The AC is led by
Marc Angélil. The architect
is Deputy Head and Chair of
Architecture & Design at the
ETH Zurich and is a member
of the Board of the Holcim
Foundation. Marc Angélil
has been on the team nearly
as long as the Foundation
has been in existence, so he
knows the Holcim Awards as
few others do. And he knows
exactly how a jury must be
1,2,3,4,5 7,8,9,10,11,12
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