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Foundations 16
Next step:
Over 6,000 entries
The total number of entries illustrates the effective promo-
tion of the Holcim Awards competition: 6,103 projects were
submitted worldwide in the fourth cycle of the Holcim Awards
competition; they are located in 152 countries around the
globe. Of the total number of projects submitted, 2,514 met
all the formal requirements of the competition – all the sta-
tistics proudly show an increase yet again over the previous
The Holcim Awards are conferred in two categories. The
Holcim Awards (main category) is for projects in an advanced
stage of planning. The main prizes are awarded in this cate-
gory – the regional Holcim Awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze –
together with two to six Acknowledgement prizes per region.
The winners of the three main prizes in each region automat-
ically qualify to compete for the Global Holcim Awards, to be
presented in 2015.
The second range of prizes is for the “Next Generation” cate-
gory, open to students and professionals up to 30 years of
age. The entrants may also submit project visions that might
not be implemented, but nevertheless represent new and
innovative approaches that combine research, imagination
and ingenuity. Through this category the Holcim Foundation
seeks to encourage the next generation of professionals to
propose fresh thoughts about sustainable construction.
In the present competition cycle, the “Next Generation”
category saw a particularly large increase: 44 percent of the
total number of entries were submitted in this category. For
the first time in any region – namely Latin America – more
entries were submitted in the “Next Generation” category
than in the main category.
The Asia Pacific region provided the greatest number of en-
tries with 994 submissions reaching jury evaluation. Accord-
ingly, the work of the jury – the next step on the way to the
Holcim Awards – was the most demanding in this region.
* Completed entries by location of project (region in which the project is to be realized and gets appraised by the respective jury).
International Holcim Awards: 2514 formally correct entries*
Asia Pacific 994
41% “Next Generation”
Europe 448
42% “Next Generation”
North America 211
38% “Next Generation”
Africa Middle East 266
50% “Next Generation”
Latin America 595
51% “Next Generation”
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