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Foundations 16
near Beijing won the Holcim Awards
Gold 2008 Asia Pacific and the Global
Holcim Awards Bronze 2009.
Australia: Experts on tour
A further expert who has been support-
ing the Holcim Awards at several occa-
sions is Nirmal Kishnani. The Assistant
Dean of Architecture at the School of
Design and Environment at the National
University of Singapore was keynote
speaker at the the Holcim Awards cer-
emony 2011 for Asia Pacific and a partic-
ipant in the concluding debate at the
Holcim Forum 2013 in Mumbai, India. In
February 2014, Nirmal Kishnani went on
a nation-wide tour with Holcim Austra-
lia. He spoke on the Holcim Awards at
four universities: the University of Mel-
bourne, Queensland University of Tech-
nology in Brisbane, the University of
New South Wales in Sydney, and Curtin
University in Perth. Each presentation
was followed by a panel discussion on
sustainable construction. At the panel
discussions in Melbourne and Brisbane,
he was furthermore joined by Maria At-
kinson. The biologist from Sydney is one
of the world’s preeminent experts for
sustainable development and Founding
Chair of the Green Building Council of
Australia, as well as being a member of
the Board of the Holcim Foundation.
She was a member of the jury for the
Global Holcim Awards in 2012 and will
be again in 2015.
India: A duo of Award winners
Two winners in the third competition
cycle are serving as Ambassadors for the
Holcim Awards in India: Julia King from
London, who won the “Next Genera-
tion” 3
prize Asia Pacific, and Madhav
Raman from New Delhi, who earned an
Acknowledgement prize in the same re­
gion. Invited by the Group company ACC,
the two participated in numerous events
The presentation on the Holcim Awards at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane
featured a panel discussion to place sustainability in the Australian context. The panel (from left):
Maria Atkinson, Founding CEO, Green Building Council of Australia and Member of the Board of the
Holcim Foundation; Felicity Briody, Infrastructure Advisory Consultant, AECOM; Tony Fry, Professor
of Design Futures, Griffith University; Mark Thomson, Chairman, Australia Green Development Fo-
rum; and Nirmal Kishnani, Assistant Dean of Architecture at the School of Design and Environment
at the National University of Singapore.
throughout the country, presented their
projects, and kindled great interest in
the competition.
Nicaragua: ... and the ticket goes to ...
Holcim Nicaragua presented the Holcim
Awards competition at ten architecture
schools in the country. As the deadline
for entries approached, the Group com-
pany invited students to a closing event
held in April 2014. The topic: “Economy
of Sustainable Construction”. All atten-
dees went in a draw to win a trip to the
Awards ceremony in Medellín, Colombia.
Julia King won the “Next Generation” 3
2011 Asia Pacific – and here in Jaipur she is
urging the audience to submit projects.
In its promotion of the Holcim Awards compe-
tition, Holcim Nicaragua focused primarily on
students, the next generation.
The acclaimed Indian architect Brinda Somaya
was engaged in promoting the competition not
only in her home country, but also in Lebanon.
Lebanon: Inspiration from India
Another friend of the Holcim Founda-
tion is the internationally-renowned
architect Brinda Somaya from Mumbai,
India. She was a keynote speaker at the
International Holcim Forum, held in
April 2013 in Mumbai. Invited by Holcim
Lebanon, Brinda Somaya lectured on
sustainable architecture at the Ameri-
can University of Beirut in November
2013 – and used the opportunity to
encourage her professional colleagues
to take part in the Holcim Awards com-
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