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Foundations 16
“Foundations” is the Holcim Group
internal magazine of the Holcim
Foundation for Sustainable Construction
and may also be distributed to external
Edward Schwarz,
Holcim Foundation,
Zurich, Switzerland
Marius Leutenegger,
Zurich, Switzerland
Daniel Wentz,
Magden, Switzerland
Schadegg Grafik,
Zurich, Switzerland
Fineprint AG,
Zurich, Switzerland
Holcim Foundation
for Sustainable Construction
Hagenholzstrasse 85
CH-8050 Zurich/Switzerland
Phone: +41 58 858 82 92
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First step:
Robust support
A competition like the Holcim Awards
begins by building public recognition of
its scope and scale, in order to motivate
individuals to submit an entry and
thereby generate as much traction as
possible through many participants.
The Holcim Group companies played a
vital role in this process.
The Holcim Awards competition spans
the globe. But it depends on local and
regional promotion – because personal
networks contribute greatly to inform-
ing architects, engineers, and other con-
struction professionals about the com-
petition. Experience gained in previous
Awards cycles shows that the number
of participants increases significantly
wherever the Holcim Group companies
actively support the competition.
The Holcim Foundation is therefore
grateful that many Group companies
organized special events in support of
this fourth competition cycle. Previous
Awards winners and jury members took
part in many of these events. One of
the points frequently mentioned is that
the Awards have a great impact on the
realization of the winning projects –
and thereby motivated more building
professionals to enter their projects in
the competition. The following exam-
ples give an impression of the diver-
sity of events organized by the Group
Beijing, China: Encouragement from
The Holcim Foundation is fortunate
to have the support of “Ambassadors”
around the world. These are profes-
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