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Foundations 16
The Holcim Foundation was established in December 2003 in
Zurich, Switzerland. Its mission is to find and publicize sus-
tainable responses to technical, ecological, socioeconomic,
and cultural challenges in the construction field.
Since the start, three cycles of the Holcim Awards competi-
tion have been held, over 1,000 people have participated in
at least one of the four Holcim Forums, and a broad range
of general and technical publications have been issued – all
with the intent to establish an attractive platform for sus-
tainable construction.
On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, a meeting of the
Foundation Board was held mid-December 2013 in Basel,
Switzerland in association with public presentations by
Alejandro Aravena, winner of the Holcim Awards Silver 2011
Latin America and member of the Board of the Holcim Foun-
dation, and Francis Kéré, winner of the Global Holcim Awards
Gold 2012. At the same time, the widely anticipated academic
book “Economy of Sustainable Construction,” based on the
Holcim Forum 2013 in Mumbai, was unveiled.
The Holcim Foundation invited its partners and staff to an
anniversary celebration in Zurich. About 100 current and
former employees, graphic designers, writers, translators,
photographers, printers, and publishers attended. Many
professionals have contributed to making ten-year history
of Holcim Foundation a success story.
Alejandro Aravena spoke at the
anniversary event in Basel:
“Sustainability is nothing but the
rigorous use of common sense.”
Staff, partners, and friends of the Holcim Foundation celebrated
the tenth anniversary of the Foundation.
Ten years of the
Holcim Foundation
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