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Foundations 16
in focus at first
Holcim Roundtable
The first half of 2014 was also particularly interesting for
the Holcim Foundation as it staged its first Holcim Roundta-
ble which brings together international experts to provide
a roadmap for action on challenging topics of sustainable
construction. This Holcim Roundtable was held in Boston at
the MIT Endicott House convention center and hosted by the
Massachuesetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The goal of the
Roundtable was to develop strategies for “re-materializing”
construction by bringing material flows to prominence in
order to further the objectives of sustainable development.
The submissions by experts and outcomes from the Roundta-
ble will be compiled, summarizing the main critical issues on
material flows, barriers preventing change, and recommend-
ed trajectories for moving towards a more sustainable use of
Experts from all continents at the
inaugural Holcim Roundtable (l-r,
front): John Ochsendorf (USA), Marc
Angélil (Switzerland), Shrashtant
Patara (India), Guillaume Habert
(France/Switzerland), Annette
Aumann (Switzerland), Xuemei Bai
(Australia), Anna Heringer (Austria),
John Fernandez (USA) and (l-r, back):
Jens Diebold (Switzerland), Michael
Braungart (Germany), Maarten
Gielen (Belgium), Werner Sobek
(Germany), Mark Swilling (South Afri-
ca), Alejandro Aravena (Chile), Vivian
Loftness (USA), Laila Seewang (Swit-
zerland), Philippe Block (Switzerland),
and Mark Jarzombek (USA).
Not only is knowledge shared, but, more importantly, an agenda for re-
tooling construction and reorienting it towards a more sustainable future
is developed.
The Holcim Roundtable brings experts from different fields together
including scientists, engineers, architects, sociologists, historians, policy
makers, and industry leaders – firmly focused on establishing interdisci-
plinary responses to complex challenges.
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