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Foundations 16
The namesake of the Holcim Awards and the source of the
prize money awarded every three years is the Holcim Ltd. The
Holcim Awards recognize a very wide range of construction
projects – regardless of the construction materials or building
type. But only the most exceptional examples of sustainable
construction measure up in the eyes of the independent
juries. In addition to the prize money, the deserving prize
winners of Awards, Acknowledgement and “Next Generation”
prizes receive a certificate and a trophy.
A sustainable basis for excellence
The sculptural Holcim Awards trophy is derived from the ico-
sahedron, a geometric solid displaying the proportions of the
golden section. The base of the trophy is molded from a new
material developed by Holcim Switzerland: ultra-high-perfor-
mance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHFB). The granulometric
composition of this high-tech material – with cement, micro
silica, and fine quartz sand – makes it a very dense and ho-
mogenous concrete with isolated micro-voids. And with steel
or synthetic fiber reinforcement, UHFB can be easily formed
without becoming brittle. The result: UHFB possesses ex­
traordinary mechanical properties, including extremely high
strength in compression, tension, and bending, as well as out-
standing resistance to environmental exposure. Thus, UHFB is
a fitting material for the base of all Holcim Awards trophies,
which celebrate innovation, excellence, and sustainability.
Africa Middle East
October 16/17,
Beirut, Lebanon
Beirut is both a cultural
center and a melting pot.
A symbol for the openness
of this city is the American
University of Beirut, venue
for the Holcim Awards cere-
mony for the Africa Middle
East region. The university,
established in 1866, is re-
gistered in New York and
allows its graduates to con-
tinue their studies in the
USA. Among the university’s
celebrated graduates is
Zaha Hadid, one of the
most famous contemporary
architects who’s latest
building on campus will
frame the ceremony event.
Asia Pacific
November 13/14,
Jakarta, Indonesia
The regional Holcim Awards
ceremonies draw to a close
in one of the world’s largest
urban agglomerations and
home to around 30 mil-
lion people. The need for
future-oriented building
concepts across the region’s
mega-cities is particularly
acute. The prizes for Asia
Pacific will be handed over in
Ballroom XXI of the Jakarta
Theater, a contemporary
multifunctional complex.
Trophies on a
solid base of
Holcim concrete
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