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August 2014
From September to November this year, the regional winners of the 4
Holcim Awards will be presented – in Moscow, Toronto, Medellín, Beirut, and Jakarta
(read more on page 9). These ceremonies are the culmination of a process that
already kicked-off last year, one in which the Holcim Group companies played an
especially important role (page 2).
With a wide range of promotional events, their contributions led to a new record:
by the close of entries at the end of March 2014, over 6,000 projects had been sub-
mitted in the competition (page 5). In the meantime, meetings of independent and
renowned jury members have taken place in five regions of the world (page 6); the
winner verification process led by ETH Zurich and the preparations for the Holcim
Awards ceremonies are well on the way.
Holcim Awards
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